Offer review

Create bidder

After printing the advertisement you change the status of the course to LA (List of services, tendered). To do this, select the LV in the project management, open in the menu Project management the selection menu Change LV status and select the entry Tender sent.

At the same time as the status change, a new LV becomes the status LB (Specification of services, bidder entry created, which you use for bidder price entry. In the LV with the status LA you can view the original tender at any time.

To create a bidder, mark the LV with the status in the project tree LB. Now open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the function New, click in the menu Project management on or use the key combination Ctrl + N.

The address search opens. Select a bidder address and include it [Take over]. The bidders are now entered in the project tree below the tender.

On the tab Bidder on the right side of the screen, the address data of the bidder marked in the project tree are displayed.

The following setting options are available:

without GP entry
Leave the option unchecked in order to enter the unit and total prices when entering the bidder offer prices and thus to control them. Activate the option to work without entering and checking total prices.

Enter offer prices manually

If you double-click on the bidder in the project management, the position management for entering bidder prices opens.
The hierarchies and positions of the LV are displayed in the position tree on the left side of the screen, the position data on the right side of the screen. In the lower part you enter the bidder offer prices.

The program determines test values ​​from the entered unit price multiplied by the quantity. These are displayed in the bottom line. Note that you must also enter each title total for verification purposes. If you enter a value that deviates from the test value, an acoustic signal will sound. These incorrect entries are later recorded in detail in a test report. If you make an incorrect entry, the following message appears.

Once you have entered all positions and titles in terms of value, the final sheet appears. Also enter inflation / discount and discount. When considering percentages for discounts, make sure that you mark them as negative. On the right side you can see the checked sums.

If you would like to enter price shares for the LV, mark the LV in the status in the project management LB and activate on the tab Call for tender the option Record price shares. Accordingly, there is no need to enter the unit price, as this is calculated from the price components. To enter the price share, click Tab successively from field to field. With Enter just go through the fields wage and Material.

Import offer prices via GAEB

You can find bidder offer prices via the GAEB interface in BUSINESS read in. For this purpose, a GAEB format must be set for the course in the basic data of the course.

The bidder price is entered via a GAEB file in the DA84 exchange phase. To do this, select the bidder for whom you want to import bidder prices in the project tree, open the menu Project management the selection menu GAEB and select the entry Import GAEB file.

The dialogue GAEB export / import will be opened.

By clicking [To open] the Windows file selection dialog opens. Select the GAEB file and confirm with [To open].

The visibility of the files depends on the selection of the file type.

In dialogue GAEB export / import the file information is displayed. Start the import process by clicking on [Import].

Create bidding offer variant

To create a bidding offer variant, mark the LV with status in the project tree LB. Then click in the menu or open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the entry New or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N.

The following dialog opens. Specify whether the specification is to be copied without, with all or with selected bidder offer prices.

The copied LV receives the status VB and is displayed in the project tree below the original LV.

You can create separate bidders for a bidder offer variant and enter or import their offer prices.

Further steps