Copy LV


You can copy complete LVs. This is always useful if:

  • the content of a construction project corresponds to a new project.
  • Recurring invoices are needed.
  • Maintenance work must be charged on certain dates with the same service.


In the project tree, mark the project or object into which you want to copy the course and click in the menu Project management on .

The project tree is displayed again on the right-hand side of the screen. On the right-hand side of the screen, mark the LV that you want to copy and, while holding down the mouse button, drag and drop it onto the target project or target object.

You can take a snapshot of your favorites and then click on and to open the desired projects or objects directly in the project tree.

The dialogue Copy LV will be opened.

By ticking the box select the LV status for the new LV and which data of the LV will also be copied. The settings of the last copy process are preset automatically.

Status of new courseSelect the LV status that the copied LV should receive: specification of services, construction site or construction site assigned.
with quantitiesThe item quantities are adopted.
with unit pricesWith the option Unit prices control whether all prices and price shares should be copied with the copy of the specification. If the option is deactivated all price components (including preliminary calculation) are deleted.
with proof of quantityThe quantities from the quantity certificate are adopted.
with quantity approachIn the case of construction site specifications, the amount is taken over.
with reportsIn the case of construction site specifications, the reports are taken over.
with cost centerThe cost center stored for the construction site is adopted.
with appointments (billing)Billing dates stored for maintenance billing are adopted.
with appointments / work packagesDates / work packages are taken over.
with procurement: manual itemsArticles entered manually in procurement are transferred.
with picturesShould the copied LV have the status Specifications received, all images assigned to the LV are adopted.
with identifiersThe LV IDs assigned to the LV are adopted.
with places of executionThe one to the LV on the tab Map The stored execution location is adopted.
with planning (construction site manager)Plans created in the construction site manager are adopted.

With [Copy] start the copying process.

If you copy a LV as a construction site with quantities and prices, the order total is automatically generated.

Close the copy window by clicking on .

Further steps