Course search


The convenience search for courses offers you extensive options for finding individual courses and for selecting several courses.

The search result is then available for the Export to Excel, The List printing, the display of the execution locations in a geographic Map as well as the LV price adjustment available for further use.

Program call

Öffnen Sie die Project management and click in the menu Project management on .

The convenience search opens.

In addition, in several places in the program you will find the Multi search in which you can search for a course directly using a search term.

Select search categories

By default, a selection of possible search categories is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. over you can display further search categories. Newly added search categories are placed at the end of the list.
Example: Search category Responsible

Select Enter the desired selection criterion in the search categories or enter the search term. The more search categories you use, the more precise the search result will be.

For the category Last use a date is kept for each LV that is updated if:

  • the course is created
  • a position is created, changed or deleted in the LV
  • The basic data of the course is changed for the course
  • A change is made to the assignment of LV IDs for the LV
  • a LV printout (offer, order confirmation, price request, order LV, etc.) is opened for the LV
  • an NK booking (also batch entry) is recorded for the LV
  • the course is planned in the construction site manager
  • in the app DATAflor CONNECT to the LV a document is created
  • the course in the app DATAflor CONNECT is saved as a favorite or deleted from the favorites

Perform search

After selecting the selection criteria or entering the search terms, the search begins automatically.
Example: all active construction sites from the person responsible Jens Nolte.

Customize data display

The functions for editing the are available for selecting the displayed data / columns as well as the order, sorting and grouping Table layouts is available for storage, management and analysis.

Further steps