LV price adjustment


You can calculate percentage price changes for several LV at the same time, eg for annual price increases for maintenance contracts. The new prices are transferred to the unit prices of the items in the LV processing and are available to you directly for printing invoices and batch printing of maintenance invoices.


First select the in the search result Course search to Ctrl, Shift or Ctrl + A the course whose prices you want to adjust and click in the menu Multiple machining on .

The LV price adjustment will open. The selected courses are listed with the course number, the course name and the course sums currently calculated in the course, course surcharges / discounts and course sales.

The following settings are available for calculating the new prices:

Price adjustment in%Enter the percentage by which the unit prices of all items in the listed LV are changed.
Rounding procedureChoose whether the newly calculated unit prices are rounded up commercially or always.
Adjust positions with a fixed priceIf you deactivate the function, the unit prices of items that you have defined as a fixed price remain unchanged.
Adjust fixed amountsYou can store fixed amounts for surcharges on items (ZH items) and surcharges on titles (ZH items) as well as for LV surcharges / discounts. If you deactivate this function, these fixed amounts remain unchanged.

After you have made your settings, click in the menu .

The new course sums, new course surcharges / deductions and new course sales are displayed in the table for control. By clicking in the menu Multiple machining finally adopt the price adjustment in the unit prices of the items in the selected course.

In the positions the Einheitspreis and total amount recalculated. Lime. price and Price stay unchanged.

LV price adjustments cannot be carried out for LVs that you are currently using in another program area or that are being edited in the network by another user. A note may inform you about the course concerned.

Further steps