Print course list


First select the in the search result Course search to Ctrl, Shift or Ctrl + A the course you want to print out in a list. Then open the menu To press and select the entry List for the tabular output of the LV data resp. Individually for the output of the course data separately for each course.

The print management is opened.

The print management is used for all printouts of the form groups with the addition "(Fast)". The following functions of print management are the same for all forms and are described on the linked wiki pages. You can find a compilation of all print management functions on the wiki page Print management.

AreaBrief Insight
Print settings- Select printer / paper trays for printing
- Define the e-mail address for sending as e-mail
- Separate settings possible for each copy and for the construction file
Print variant (letterhead)- Selection of the print variant (letterhead)
- Separate selection possible for each copy and for the construction file
Pressure profile- Load individual compilation of the selection of the output type, the print settings and the print variant
- Several copies can be predefined with different settings if necessary
My favorites- compact view of the Form settingsthat are always needed
Form profile- Load individual pre-assignment of the form settings
Data selection- Selection of positions / images
- Post-processing of item data such as quantity / price and item texts
Print preview menu- Description of all functions in the menu print preview at a glance
- e.g. test print, construction file

Which form settings are available depends on the form for which print management is open. A description of the form settings for the output of lists can be found on this page in section Form settings.

Form settings

Click on Form settings you can show and hide the form settings area.

Choose a form name as the heading for your form. If necessary, change the font size and choose whether the table width should be adapted to the content or to the width of the page. Enter your name if desired created by .

Example expression: List

Example expression: Individually

Further steps