Set up project management

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The following user rights are available for project management:

Rights Administrator Main user User
Right group: projects
Archive entries X
Access to course exchange X X
Access LV price adjustment X
Access to project reports X X
Access projects X X X

Archive entries

LV, projects, objects and clients recorded in the project management can be entered in the Archive be moved so that they are throughout BUSINESS-Program (except in the archive) are no longer visible and are no longer taken into account in the evaluations and printouts. User with the user right Archive entries can archive entries and restore entries archived from the archive. Only users belonging to the user group can permanently delete archived entries Administrator belong.

Access to course exchange

Zum Course exchange BUSINESS-Users and via the generally applicable formats GAEB, RAW and ÖNORM with all programs that support these formats, LV can be exported and imported. These functions can only be used by users with the user right Access to course exchange be executed.

Access LV price adjustment

With the function LV price adjustment Percentage price changes can be calculated for several LV at the same time, e.g. for annual price increases for maintenance contracts. The new prices are taken over into the unit prices of the items in the LV processing and are available directly for the invoice printing and batch printing of maintenance invoices. With the user right Access LV price adjustment control which users can perform this function.

Access to project reports

The following are available in the project management for evaluating your submitted offers and received orders Project evaluations available: offer overview detail, offer overview totals, offer overview potential and order backlog. These lists can only be used by users with the user right Access to project reports can be displayed and printed.

Access projects

All users with the user right Access projects can open the project management. By default, LV can be viewed and edited by all users with access to this program area. To exclude individual users from this option, the control of the LV access at your disposal. User of the user group Administrator are excluded from this access control and can always view and edit all courses.

Further steps