Gross LV


With the gross LV, you can calculate gross prices for all items in service specifications and then for your private customers Offers and Invoices print with gross prices.


To do this, select for the course on the register Specifications the VAT procedure a tax rate, incl. or several tax rates, incl.

  • With existing LV you can choose the VAT procedure between excluding tax and including tax change until the first invoice has been sent to the LV.
  • The VAT procedures are available for LV in the formats GAEB, ÖNORM and RAW including tax not available.
  • For LV, for which a VAT rate of 0,00% and the option Tax rate according to §13b UStG is set, the VAT procedures are available including tax also not available.

In the item data, the gross unit price is calculated and displayed based on the net unit price and the set VAT rate. Furthermore, the LV total and the LV surcharge / discount are shown gross.

When entering one of the Preliminary calculation If the gross unit price deviates, the net unit price is always calculated automatically based on the set VAT rate.

In dialogue Surcharges-discounts-securities you can also set a fixed gross amount.

The unit prices and total prices of the items as well as the hierarchy sums and the total amount are shown gross on the printouts of the offer and invoice / credit note.

Example expression: Bonus

Based on the superscript b behind the total prices it can be seen at any time that the gross prices are stated here. In addition, the VAT amount and the net amount are shown under the total.

From the print menu, select Price shares the calculated price shares are also shown gross.

In addition, you can specify a gross flat rate in the form settings of the print management for printing out a flat-rate offer, order confirmation and invoice / credit note.

Further steps