The Project management Recorded LV, projects, objects and clients can be archived.

The archived items are throughout BUSINESS-Program no longer visible and are no longer taken into account in all evaluations and printouts:

  • Project tree in the project management
  • Post calculation evaluations
  • Construction site account, project account, debtor account (invoices, payments, etc.)
  • Finance manager (open items, invoices, payments, entries in the construction site journal)
  • Debtor printouts (account statement, debtor open list, outgoing invoice list, incoming payment list, reminder, reminder list)
  • Accounts payable printouts (account sheet, accounts payable open list, outgoing invoice list, outgoing payment list)
  • Accounts payable payment transactions (prepare payment, match payment, clearing / DTA)
  • Posting allocation of supplier invoices
  • Planning in the construction site manager

The BUSINESS-Archive is comparable to the Windows recycle bin. The data can be restored within the archive. Data that has been permanently deleted from the archive can no longer be restored.

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged-in user. The following user rights are available for the project management archive:

RightsAdministratorMain userUser
Right group: projects
Archive and restore entries X
Permanently delete archive entries X
featurenecessary user right
Archive project management entriesArchive and restore entries
Restore entries from the archiveArchive and restore entries
Permanently delete archived entriesPermanently delete archive entries


Items are shipped with all in BUSINESS associated data is archived. These are:

  • all invoices, payments, documents, pictures, post costing postings of a LV
  • all courses of a project (course including the above data)
  • all projects of a client (all LVs of the projects including the above data)

Select the element (client, project, object, LV) in the directory tree of the project management and click in the menu Project management on .

A note appears as to which data belonging to the selected element will be archived. Confirm with [Yes].

The element has been archived with all associated data. The tab is in the project management Archive to disposal. This is the only place in the program where the archived items are still visible.

Is the entry in the project tree Course administration all archived items are displayed. If, for example, a client is selected, all archived elements of the client are listed.


If you restore archived elements, they are in BUSINESS available again as before archiving. To do this, select on the tab Archive with the items you want to restore and click on the menu Archive on .

The restored items including all associated data are in BUSINESS visible again and are taken into account in evaluations and printouts.

Permanently delete

You can permanently delete archived elements including the associated data.

  • It will Entries removed from the database.
  • files, for example documents and pictures, are deleted from the hard disk.
  • Permanently deleted items and associated data can not to be restored.

Highlight on the tab Archive with Items that you want to permanently delete and click on the menu Archive on .

A message appears stating which data belonging to the selected element will be permanently deleted. Confirm with [Yes].

All dates are now irrevocable deleted from the database and hard drive.