Standard service search


The standard service management offers you a comfortable search for quickly finding standard services.


Do you click in the menu Standard service management on .

The standard service search opens.

CatalogBy clicking choose whether you want to search for the service in all standard service catalogs or only in a specific catalog.
search boxSelect by clicking on whether you are looking for the name, service no. or want to search for a selection.
KeywordEnter the search term in the input field.
Automatic search startEnable If you choose the option, the search will start automatically three seconds after you have entered the first three letters. Is the option deactivated , start the search process manually with Enter.
Similar notationEnable If you want to find words with a similar spelling. Entering the search term true then also finds all the services with Sand begin.

Entering a space before the search term performs a full-text search and also finds words that contain the search term.

  • Entering the word race finds all the services with race begin (e.g. scarifying the lawn).
  • Entering [Space] rush on the other hand, finds all additional services that the word race contain (e.g. Paved paving made of grass paving stones).

Is the option Automatic search start deactivated, start the search process with Enter.

The search result is shown in a table.

To further support the search, you can use the Edit layout as well as the service description for the services found.

Mark the desired service in the search result and click on [Take over]. The performance is displayed in the standard performance administration with all data.

View Details

You can view the service description with short and long text for the services found without having to switch to the master data. Select the desired service in the search result, open in the column designation the context menu with the right mouse button and select the entry View Details.

In dialogue detailed information The short and long text of the service are displayed. Close the dialog with [OK].

Further steps