Plant management


In the Plant Management program part, you can import external plant catalogs and create your own plant catalogs.

All relevant information is available for the invitation to tender and the cost calculation is also secure and transparent.


To open the plant management, click in the menu Program data on .

The program area Plant management will be opened. On the left side of the screen, the stored plants are listed in a structured manner in the directory tree. Information on the entry marked in the directory tree is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

The current BRUNS plant catalog is saved with the new installation. All common plants and plant species are already listed there. You cannot make any changes in this catalog.

You can also use more external plant catalogs read in from other nurseries and suppliers. You also have the option of own plant catalogs to apply.


There are three options for viewing the recorded plants:

Plant search

The plants corresponding to the search term are listed in a catalog sorted by trade name (alphabetically). If the plants are in several catalogs, they are listed sorted by catalogs.


All plants are listed in a catalog sorted by trade name (alphabetically). The listing is sorted according to catalogs.

Plant species

The plants are listed alphabetically according to plant species within a catalog. The listing is sorted according to catalogs.

To navigate in the view tree, you can simply type in a plant name. The marking automatically jumps to the next corresponding plant in the opened catalog.

Depending on which node the mouse pointer is positioned on, you will see specific information in the right pane:

NodeInformation right window
Dealer nameDealer information (address ..) for catalog
CatalogCatalog info (names, graduated quantities ...)
PlantAll information about the plant

If you create your own catalog, this data must be edited by the user.

The plant symbol display with plus in the view tree gives you information about whether extended for this plant DATAflor-Plant information is available (e.g. differences in the creation of new plants by copying or creating them manually).

Further steps