Cost group management


Cost groups are used to determine and classify construction costs. In BUSINESS Use the cost groups by selecting the DIN 276 year of issue for the LV and then assigning cost groups to all items. The printouts of the cost calculation are also available to you.

Program call

Open the menu Program data and select the entry Cost groups.

The new cost groups of the current DIN 276 from 2018 are available to you as well as the cost groups of the April 1981, June 1993, 2006 and 2008 edition. On the right side of the screen you can edit the DIN 276 cost groups and, for example, enter comments.

Select DIN 276 year of issue

In the Course basic data determine which edition of DIN 276 you want to use for the cost groups of the LV.

Confirm your selection with [OK].

Assign cost groups

Assign a cost group to each item. To do this, select within the LV processing the position in the directory tree and open in the field DIN 276 the selection menu by clicking on .

By clicking [DIN 276] you can also open the following search dialog. Mark the required cost group and accept it with [Takeover] in the position data.

Click on you can switch from the search dialog to cost group management. Select a cost group and transfer it to the item data by clicking on in the menu.

Define cost group for plants

In the program parameters 70.70.10, 70.70.20. 70.70.30, 70.70.40 and 70.70.50 you can determine for each issue year which cost group is pre-assigned when creating plant positions in the LV.

Further steps