Create hierarchy level


The subdivision of your standard service catalog into hierarchical levels helps you to keep track of your text catalog. They can be compared to the chapters of a book. The sample specification of services can be used as a basis, for example.


To create a new hierarchy level, select the desired catalog in the directory tree, open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the entry New…, click in the menu Standard service management on or alternatively use the key combination Ctrl + N.

The following selection dialog opens. Select the entry new hierarchy level and confirm with [OK].

A hierarchy level is added to the selected catalog in the directory tree.

On the tab Performance On the right side of the screen, you store the data for the hierarchy level.

Service no.
Service numbers can have any structure and should not be confused with item numbers. It is just a numbering within the text catalog. If you have specified for the catalog that a separate number range is used for the catalog, the program automatically carries the next free number.

  • It can digits and letters should be used.
  • To separate (structure) can Points, Commas or Strokes should be used.
  • Spaces between the individual characters must not be used.
  • The maximum length of the service number is 9 Put.
  • The service number must clearly be, ie it can never be given more than once.

Short name
Enter the name that is displayed for the hierarchy level in the directory tree.

You can divide your standard services into groups, e.g. preparatory work, earthworks, vegetation-related work, etc. You can make these selections in the Standard service search use.

It is not necessary to store a unit of measure for a hierarchy level.

Short / long text
Enter a short text and / or long text for the hierarchy level. The stored texts are taken over into a LV when the hierarchy level is taken over.

In info and text fields you are entitled to Editor with which you can change fonts and sizes. Furthermore, texts can be loaded from files and saved in BUSINESS created texts can be saved as files.

DIN276 assignment
You can add a Cost group according to DIN 276 of the April 1981, June 1993, 2006 or 2008 edition. When the hierarchy level is adopted in a LV, this assignment is also adopted.

Internal text
You can store an internal text in order to record special features, for example when performing the service, ordering materials or preliminary costing. It is shown to you and your employees on the screen for information, but is not part of the printout.

Further steps