Care billing


Nursing billing enables you to automatically bill services on specified billing dates in batch printing.

  • The agreed flat rates are the basis for printing invoices Settlement dates and executed appointments.
  • To calculate the invoice amount, you can use the quantities from the order, the active quantity evidence of the LV or the quantity of the LV.
  • You can also use the executed appointments, ie record the dates on which you performed the service and state them on the invoices as evidence for the client.
  • You can record the quantities carried out for the dates carried out and use them to calculate the invoice amount.

The following three billing methods are available for this:

featureBilling without executed appointmentsBilling with evidence of completed appointmentsBilling with calculation of executed dates
Record agreed billing datesjajaoptional
Record executed appointmentsnojaja
Record executed quantitiesnonoja
Billing with quantitiesOrder, proof of quantity, quantity estimateOrder, proof of quantity, quantity estimatequantities exported

Further steps