Consideration of the item types


Following Item types have a special meaning in care billing:

ZW (subtotal) - Since items in a LV can be settled on different dates, the formation of subtotals does not make sense.
The indicator is not to be used in the maintenance specification.

PL / PS (planting lists) - The settlement dates of the PL / PS item apply to all plants contained. It is not possible to record executed appointments.

TL / TR / TS / TG ​​/ TM / TP (daily wage) - These item indicators cannot be used for care accounting.

SFE (standard service factor unit price) - This indicator enables the factor to be suppressed when printing offers. The factor is multiplied by the unit price and output as a unit price (10 * 1000 m² * 0,04 ˆ is output as 1000 m² * 0,40 ˆ).
The factor is shown in the invoice printout.
If the invoice quantity results from the quantity certificate, the factor is entered using formula 92.

TE (text position) - Neither billing dates nor date quantities can be entered for this item indicator. With the option "Item with appointment accounting" you can specify whether the item should appear on the invoice. Text items are never output in the case of LVs with settlement of the executed dates.