Position evaluations

With the position-related construction site evaluations you receive a target / actual comparison between the pre-calculated and actually posted material quantities, times and costs at item level.

The data is based on the quantities or times planned in the pre-calculation and the postings recorded in the post-calculation. Both target and actual performance units are obtained from the quantity certificate or the order quantity. The actual quantity comes from the postings of the post calculation. The target quantity comes from the quantity or time approaches of the preliminary costing per service unit.

Under Position evaluations the following prints are available.

Prints an item-by-item list of the individual costs, the manufacturing costs, the DB and the proceeds, as well as the difference between the order and the actual status.
All or selected positions are considered. In addition, items can be output without post-costing or pre-costing values.

Prints a position-based target / actual comparison for material for a construction site.
All or only selected items are printed.

Prints an itemized target / actual comparison for wages and equipment for a construction site.
All or only selected items are printed.

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