Mobile NK recording


A DATAflor Solution for mobile costing recording, you avoid the effort of handwritten timesheets and increase the accuracy of the recorded hours.

DATAflor offers you the app DATAflor TIME for iOS and Android for recording daily reports / delivery notes directly on the construction site.

Your customer advisor will be happy to inform you about the technical options and the automatic data comparison with BUSINESS.


1. In BUSINESS put in App manager the construction site data that you need for a quick and clear NK recording on the construction site. The data is sent directly to the TIME App transfer.

2. To the app TIME the data is automatically transmitted through the cloud. Record your booking records. The app TIME transmits the data directly to your server via the cloud.

3. In BUSINESS read in the program section Import TIME enter the data, check and edit freely entered booking records and transfer the bookings to the BUSINESS Post calculation.

Further steps