Record material deliveries


The recording of the material deliveries is important for the permanent imputed assessment of the profitability of your company.


To record material deliveries, insert a new hourly booking / delivery note

Open the tab Material deliveries. To record the postings, you can use the article data from material management or from the preliminary costing of the LV.


Enter the following information:

Enter the date of the delivery note or open the calendar by clicking on and select the desired date.

Enter the vendor number or the name of the supplier. You can also contact the supplier by clicking Select from the list of all suppliers or with Ctrl + F the comfort search in Address manager to open.

Delivery note no.
Enter the number of the delivery note. Using the delivery note number, you can identify the material postings when entering supplier invoices in the incoming invoice and assign them to an invoice.

Payers / construction site
Enter the construction site or the cost unit for which the costs are recorded. By clicking you can search for the construction site. Please note that only construction sites with the status BA (construction site, work not yet started) or BB (construction site, work started) are offered for recording. It is also possible to take over from the project tree by double-clicking the course name.

Daily wage (without position)
NK bookings for which this selection was made are in the Daily wage report available for transfer to all daily wage positions of the course.

To accurately position Evaluations of the final costing enter the item to which the recorded material delivery relates. By clicking you can also select the item from a list of all items recorded in the LV. Furthermore, the transfer from the project tree is possible by double-clicking on the corresponding position.

Billing according to the delivered quantities
The option is available if an item is selected and an active quantity certificate is available for the LV. Activate If you choose the option, a quantity line is automatically created for the item posted in the active quantity list of the LV. In addition, the option is automatically activated if this is preset in the quantity statement for the item. In the chapter Billing according to the delivered quantities you will find a comprehensive description of the function.

By clicking select the material catalog from which you want to take the material article. To select the article, the Material search open.

The Indian Material search The selected article is transferred to the booking. To change the item of a booking, you can click on open the material search again. You can also use the material search [Abort] to enter a manual name for the material.

Here you can add an internal comment to the booking.

Cost type
The material deliveries can be in the Evaluations of the final costing be grouped according to cost types.

By clicking select the cost type (material, disposal, external service or other) under which the material delivery should be booked. You can also select the cost type by typing the first letter (M, E, F or S).

Enter the quantity of the delivered item according to the delivery note details.

When a material article is taken from a material catalog, the stored unit of measure is automatically taken over. When entering a material description manually, you also enter the unit of measure manually.

When a material article is taken from a material catalog, the stored purchase price is automatically pre-assigned and can be changed manually at any time.

Confirm your entries with Enter or Tab In the last field, a new booking record is created and the data from the last booking is pre-assigned. The new booking record will only be activated for saving after you have changed a data field.

To create a new, empty booking record, confirm your entries in the menu by clicking on . Then click on .

Further steps