Annual working time management

The Annual working time management Store the annual working time models (JAM) for your employees. The JAM are the basis for evaluations of the Post calculation, the determination of the exact working time for the planned cost calculation and the work planning in the personnel and construction site manager.

  • The basis for the JAM are Working time groups. For example full-time / part-time or site manager / worker.
  • For each working time group, you define the exact working times in a target time calendar and assign each employee to a working time group.
  • In addition to the Hours-target-actual comparison also the Hours list Print out with a target / actual comparison for selected employees and periods.
  • For the list of hours, one can be used individually for each employee Consistent planned working time be taken as a basis.
  • The JAM of the assigned working time group stored with the employees is used in other parts of the program (plan cost accounting, personnel manager, construction site manager) to determine the planned working time.

Further steps