Take over data from the preliminary calculation


Zum Record material deliveries and Record plant deliveries you can transfer the data of the partial services from the preliminary costing of the course.


To do this, after selecting the Payers / construction site the tab below the entry mask Preliminary calculation.

All material items or plants that were pre-calculated in the course are included Position number, Catalogassignment, designation, more pre-calculated Amount, unit, pre-calculated Price and Rate code listed.

The price type indicates the type of price indicated:

  • Flat rate (PP)
  • Catalog price (CP = material transfer from catalog)
  • Preliminary calculation price (VP = price determined by preliminary calculation)
  • Price agreement (PV = price determined by price agreement)

To transfer the data of a precalculated material article or a precalculated plant, go to the tab Preliminary calculation double-click on the corresponding entry.

If you have not yet selected a supplier for the booking, the following query appears.

Confirm the query with [Yes], is in addition to designation, Catalog assignment, unit and Price of the supplier is transferred to the booking, which is stored for the article or the plant in the preliminary costing.

In the program area Procurement the offer prices of a selected supplier can be included in the preliminary costing of the material items or plants. You can use the price code for the preliminary costing PV (Price agreement).

If a supplier is selected for recording a material or plant delivery and then from the tab Preliminary calculation a material or a plant with a price code PV adopted, for which another supplier is stored, the following note appears.

Confirm the query with [Yes], become designation, Catalog assignment, unit and Price of the selected material or plant. The selected supplier is retained.

Further steps