All of your reports are available to you in BUSINESS in the report search and can also be edited there if necessary.


Call through the menu BUSINESS in the menu group Post calculation the reports on.

A tabular list of your reports is displayed here. You can adapt this table to your requirements and use the standard functions of the Table layouts use.

You can open a daily report by double-clicking on it.

Search and filter

The search options are available on the left. You can access this area by clicking on collapse.
At the top you can click on select the categories available to you to search for.

In the multi-search you can search the daily reports for a search term.
In the other categories you can filter the reports according to further criteria such as the period, LV or client.

Menu group Navigate:

  • You can open the corresponding project, course, object or address for the currently selected daily report.

Click on the selected daily report is deleted.

Menu group Reports:

  • Under can you get a new one Create daily report.
  • Daily reports that have not yet been signed are included in the table marked and can be accessed by clicking on in the menu post-processing.
  • If you would like to send the selected daily report by email, click on .
  • Click on you get to the form variant of the daily reports.
  • In graphic overview You can open the daily reports via .

Menu group Search:

  • With empty the search mask for a new search.
  • With fill in the details given in the search mask. The result of the search appears in the table.
  • With cancel the current search.

Menu group View:

  • With open the Document info to the highlighted daily report.
  • With show the detailed information of the selected report at the bottom of the screen. In this area you have access to the tabs Info, Versions and Minutes.

Menu group Version

  • The functions of the versioning is available for storage, management and analysis.

Further steps