Position marking


The Position marking improves the clarity in a specification of services (position tree and corresponding input fields are marked). The individual positions can be marked as follows:

incompletely filled out
important and incomplete


The conditions for marking positions can be found in Program parameters 60.10.135 Presetting of automatic position marking preset. Here you define the status in which items in a LV should be automatically marked.

However, these settings can also be defined individually for each course. When a new course is created, the Course basic data these terms can be accessed.


In the case of position marking, a distinction is made between automatic and manual position marking. Whereby the manuelle Mark only the option Important has available.

Within the automatic Position marking, all positions are checked for the conditions and marked accordingly. Positions the Important and have not yet been filled out in full will be accompanied by an .

With the and or the key combination Ctrl + Page ↑↓ you can switch back and forth between the marked positions. This is very helpful for large service specifications where you have marked important positions that you do not want to search for afterwards.

Further steps