Positions from standard services


With the help of the function Standard service can you do that in the Standard service management take over stored data and in this way one or more positions copy into the course.


  1. Open the menu in position editing positions and choose the function Standard service.
  2. The window Standard services will be opened. On the left, all are in the Standard services Recorded service catalogs, hierarchy levels, positions and preliminary calculations are shown in a directory tree. The information of the selected element is displayed on the right.

Search for positions

  1. Enter in the field Search positions / services Enter the search term and confirm with Enter.

    A full-text search is carried out automatically and the positions are found which contain the word or part of a word entered in the search field in the display text, in the short text or in the long text.

  2. All (standard) services and their preliminary costing (VK service) are searched. The entries found are shown in a table. In the column Type can be seen whether there is a Performance or Sales performance is.
  3. Click on the column header Type, Number or designationto sort the entries found alphabetically or numerically.
  4. As soon as you click on an entry, the information is displayed on the right-hand side of the window and the membership of the standard service catalog is displayed in the directory tree below the search result.

Take over positions

  1. Mark the position you need for your course.
  2. While holding down the mouse button, drag the position into your LV and drop it on the hierarchy to which you want to add the position.

    Use Ctrl or Shift for the simultaneous selection of several positions.

When accepting standard services, the short and long text of the service, all partial costs (unit price shares), all preliminary costing data and stored images are automatically transferred without a query.

In the program parameter Adopt position information from service determine whether the item text of the standard service is used in the target course.

Further steps