Positions from other courses


With the help of the function LV you can access data that is saved for other projects / LV and in this way one or more positions copy into the course


  1. In item processing, choose in the menu positions the function LV.
  2. The window Position management will be opened. On the left are all in the Project management recorded clients, projects, objects, hierarchies, positions and preliminary calculations are shown in a directory tree. The information of the marked element is displayed on the right.

Search for positions

  1. Enter in the field Search positions Enter the search term and confirm with Enter.

    A full-text search is carried out automatically and the positions are found which contain the word or part of a word entered in the search field in the display text, in the short text or in the long text.

  2. All hierarchies (e.g. title), positions and their preliminary costing (VK position) are searched in the project management. The entries found are shown in a table. In the column Type it can be seen whether it is a hierarchy, position or VK.
  3. Click on the column header Type, Number or designationto sort the entries found alphabetically or numerically.
  4. As soon as you click on an entry, the information is displayed on the right-hand side of the window and the affiliation to the project in the tree below the search result.
  5. Enter in the field Search project If you enter a search term, all client (name and address), project, object and specification names are searched.

Take over positions

  1. Mark the position you need for your course.
  2. With the mouse button pressed, drag the position or a complete hierarchy with all the positions it contains into your LV and drop it on the hierarchy to which you want to add the position / hierarchy.

    Use Ctrl and Shift for the simultaneous selection of several positions or hierarchies.

Copy positions:

  • When dropping one Position on hierarchy becomes the position in this hierarchy first of all inserted.
  • When dropping one Position on Position becomes the position to created this position.

Copying partial services:

  • When dropping one Vk material or Vk plant on hierarchy becomes one in this hierarchy M- or P position inserted in the first position.
  • When dropping one Vk material, Vk plant, Vk device or Vk pay on Position will position this Partial service added.

Copying hierarchies:

  • When dropping one Hierarchy hierarchy the hierarchy will be as Sub-hierarchy inserted.
  • When dragging a hierarchy familiar with the right Mouse button and drop on hierarchy the hierarchy will be as subsequent Hierarchy inserted.

When copying hierarchies, take into account the ordering scheme of the target and source LV. The classification schemes of the course are in the Course basic data on the tab ordinal deposited. Only one hierarchy level can be copied into a target LV with only one hierarchy level.

Example: The target course is divided into titles and positions (ordinal number 11PPi), the source course into titles, sections and positions (ordinal number 1122PPi). Since there is only one hierarchy level in the target LV, only sections with positions, not titles with sections and positions, can be transferred from the source LV.


When copying items, the item identifier, short and long text of the item, all partial costs (unit price shares) and all preliminary costing data are saved without Query accepted automatically.

Optionally, you can also transfer the item quantity, quantity evidence, quantity estimate, unit price, daily wage reports, billing dates and images of the item. To do this, activate the respective function in the upper part of the window by ticking the box .

Only those options are available for which data is recorded in the source position.

Item quantity

The item quantity and, if available, the factor are adopted.


The Unit price of the source item is taken over. The unit price of the target position is derived from the partial costs rather recalculated. If the checkbox is deactivated , is in the target position of the Unit price recalculated from the partial costs, even if this was set as a fixed price. (Note: The designation as a fixed price is retained even with a new calculation.)

Mass list

The proof of quantity is accepted.

The identifier of the mass lines are retained. References using the free arithmetic formula (formula 91) are resolved and converted into absolute values.

Quantity approach

The amount is adopted.


The daily wage reports for a position are adopted. Only those reports are copied whose references can be resolved, ie reports which refer to position numbers that do not exist are not copied. The checkbox is only displayed in the LV status Bx appears.


Stored settlement dates of the source position are adopted.
(Valid only in conjunction with the DATAflor BUSINESS Maintenance module.)

The checkbox is only displayed if the Course basic data of the target LV on the tab Date the option LV with appointment billing activated.

Calculation of the target position
With the transfer, the following price components are recalculated according to the calculation approaches of the target LV:

  • Partial costs
  • Calculation price
  • Price
  • Unit price, if not the unit price of the source position by activating the checkbox Einheitspreis (see above) is adopted


Is the target LV a tax rate assigned, all copied items and preliminary costing data are adjusted to the defined tax rate. Are the target LV multiple tax rates assigned, all items are taken over with the tax rates of the copied LV.


During the copying process, the conformity becomes GAEB taken into account, ie the target LV conforms to GAEB, only GAEB-compliant items can be copied into this LV.


Is the target LV compliant with ÖNORM, so the conformity is lost.

Further steps