Place of execution


With the Place of execution LVs / construction sites, titles or positions can each be provided with a location marker.

On the tab Map the respective position flags are displayed.


The place of execution for the LV is shown in the tab Map indicated by a position flag. For the first time, the place of execution for the LV is defined by the postal address of the address property of the Client. It does not matter whether the address is already the client or not at the time the specification is created.

Since the location for the construction site often differs from the postal address, you can change the location marking here so that everyone can see it.

If you're in the Project management stand on a sold-to party, you have on the tab Map the possibility to see an overview of all project locations of this client. Here you can change the place of execution by dragging and moving the flag. If you are in a course, you have the option of adding separate locations for individual titles or positions.

Navigate to the desired title or position and click the button Add execution location for current hierarchy level.

A new position flag is added at the place of the course. Now you can click and drag to move it to the desired location. You also have the option of specifying a new location by entering the street, postcode and city or coordinates.

The coordinates are required in decimal degree format. For the conversion of Degrees minutes seconds in Decimal degrees different websites are available.

Decimal degrees Degrees minutes seconds
N 51.555406 E 9.891753 N 51 ° 33 '19.462 "E 9 ° 53' 30.31"

You can also access route planning in the “Map” tab. This means that the route to the next construction site can be conveniently displayed and also printed out.