confirmation of the order


Open the menu within the course editing To press and select the entry confirmation of the order.

The print management is opened.

The print management is used for all printouts of the form groups with the addition "(Fast)". The following functions of print management are the same for all forms and are described on the linked wiki pages. You can find a compilation of all print management functions on the wiki page Print management.

AreaBrief Insight
Print settings- Select printer / paper trays for printing
- Define the e-mail address for sending as e-mail
- Separate settings possible for each copy and for the construction file
Print variant (letterhead)- Selection of the print variant (letterhead)
- Separate selection possible for each copy and for the construction file
Pressure profile- Load individual compilation of the selection of the output type, the print settings and the print variant
- Several copies can be predefined with different settings if necessary
My favorites- compact view of the Form settingsthat are always needed
Form profile- Load individual pre-assignment of the form settings
Data selection- Selection of positions / images
- Post-processing of item data such as quantity / price and item texts
Print preview menu- Description of all functions in the menu print preview at a glance
- e.g. test print, construction file
general settings- to adapt the print layout

Which form settings are available depends on the form for which print management is open. A description of the form settings for the output of order confirmations can be found on this page in the section Form settings.

Form settings

Open the settings area by activating the button Form settings.

A selection of the form settings that you would like to adjust / check for each output can be made individually for the area My favorites put together.

The following form settings are available:

Form name

  • Enter the name that is used for the order confirmation. The text entered is displayed in the title and in the total line.

Document no.

  • Apply the next free number in the number range by clicking on or enter a document number manually.
  • If no document number is entered, the program automatically uses the next document number from the number range.

Document date

  • The program automatically pre-populates all date fields with the system date. This can be changed manually at any time.
  • By clicking a calendar opens, making it easier to select dates.

Customer - Number, Name

  • The data of the customer to whom the order confirmation is addressed is displayed.

1. Address / 2. Address

  • Select the addresses for the form.
  • For 1. Address is by default Clients preset, for 2. Address .
  • The addresses become the LV on the Addresses tab entered.
  • You can join a project further project addresses which are then displayed for selection in the list field.

Contact Person - Operator sign, Contact Person, Telefon-Nr.

  • In the selection Contact Person choose whether the data of the logged in user or the construction manager assigned to the LV are preset.
  • According to the selection Contact Person are in the fields Operator sign, Contact Person and Telefon-Nr. the data entered for the employee in the user data are deposited.

Information block

  • The data is displayed that the form has additional fields in the Pressure variant are added (e.g. customer, LV no.).

Performance period

  • It's the dates for start of building and End of construction pre-assigned, which you can use for the course on the Job tab have deposited.
  • By clicking you can specify different dates if necessary. The change to the data is automatically reflected in the tab Life Mission adopted.

Subject / Header text / Footer text

  • The entered texts are output at the corresponding positions in the form.
  • The subject that is stored in the course is pre-assigned.
  • The functions of the Text editing as well as Text variablesthat are automatically filled by the program.

Quantity origin

  • In the selection Quantities from select the origin of the quantities that will be used for the order confirmation.
  • When choosing LV amount the quantity stored for the item is used.
  • When choosing Mass list select the quantity certificate whose assets are used. The quantity verification is preset, which is activated in the LV. The selection is available if at least one proof of quantity exists for the LV.
  • When choosing Quantity proof summary select the quantity statement summary whose quantities will be used. The selection is available if at least one summary of quantities exists for the LV.
  • When choosing Quantity approach becomes the one on the register Target / actual quantities registered amount used.
  • When choosing flat-rate set the lump sum in the net.
  • In the program parameter 70.20.150 Flat rate text deposit the text that will be printed in front of the total amount in the case of general order confirmations.

Position text

  • Specify which item texts are output for the description of the service:
    • Short list = first line of the short text
    • Short text = short text of the position
    • Long text = long text of the item
    • Short and long text = short text and long text of the item
  • In the program parameter 70.50.10 Copy number of lines of long text into short text Specify how many lines of the long text are automatically copied into the short text if only long text is available for the item.
  • You can make text corrections directly in print management. To do this, select in the Data selection the position and click in the menu print preview on Position text.

Positions with

  • Select the data to be output for the positions:
    • Amount, Unit price (EP), Total price (GP)
    • Price shares - prints the per position Price shares
    • Pictures - prints the selected ones Pictures in the course per position between the description of services and the quantity / price line
  • If you would like to use the images for the order confirmation, you can also choose the quality of the images.
    • Low compression: Images over 300 dpi are compressed to 300 dpi
    • Medium compression: Images over 150 dpi are compressed to 150 dpi
    • high compression: Images over 96 dpi are compressed to 96 dpi
  • The selection of images and the definition of image names and sizes can be done directly in print management. To do this, select in the Data selection the position and click in the menu print preview on Position images.


  • Make the settings for the design of the layout:
    • Compilation on a new page - Page break before the hierarchy sums are compiled
    • Hierarchy on a new page - Page break in front of hierarchies of the top hierarchy level
    • Print heading line - Column headings of the position table
    • Distance between text and price - Distance between the description of services and the quantity / price line of the items

Currency symbol

  • Determine whether the symbol of your local currency is printed in front of or behind the order total.

payment terms

  • Select the payment term that you want to use for the order confirmation.
  • It is the Terms of payment preset that is stored for the course or that in the Terms of payment group which is assigned to the LV.

labour costs

  • The issue takes place with the expulsion of the labour costs.
  • In the list, select the basis on which the labor costs are shown.
  • When choosing On the basis of price shares put in the Course basic data determines which price shares as beneficiary portion (Labor costs). The labor costs are shown with the set surcharge rates.
  • When choosing Percent of the LV total the labor costs are determined from the entered percentage of the LV total.
  • When choosing flat-rate enter the lump sum as a net amount. For printouts on which the gross labor costs are shown, the conversion takes place automatically.
  • On order confirmations with quantities from = flat-rate the labor costs cannot on the basis of the price shares as it cannot be allocated to the beneficiary portion.
  • The Find Us Here of the client, define how the option is preset. In addition, you specify for each client how the labor costs are shown: in net, gross or net / gross.
  • In the Form profiles you can also determine how the option for order confirmations is pre-assigned:
    • When choosing like pre-assignment of customer address the labor costs are in accordance with the defined pre-setting to the client in the Addresses pre-assigned.
    • When choosing do not push labor costs are deselected.
    • When choosing print the labor costs are selected.

Output line of 0% VAT

  • Select whether for order confirmations according to §13b UStG in the compilation the line VAT 0,00% is issued.

existing order confirmations

  • When the order confirmation is printed out, the Order amount im Construction site account entered.
  • Are for the course in Construction site account If one or more order confirmations already exist, these are displayed here with the document date, document number and order total.
  • In the column Overwrite choose whether you want to overwrite an existing order confirmation or whether you want to issue an additional order confirmation.
  • The standard pre-assignment of the form settings is in the form profile Standard Are defined.
  • You can create your own for the individual pre-assignment of the settings and texts Form profiles define.
  • If you would like to work with several form profiles, you can also specify which form profile is preset by default.
  • If you have previously issued an offer for the course, when you open the print management menu you can choose whether the form settings that you used for the output of the offer should be loaded. Confirm the query with [No], the form settings are loaded according to the form profile that you have preset by default. Header and footer text are always loaded from the predefined form profile.

general settings

The following are also available to you to design your order confirmations Program parameters to disposal:

for text design
110.40Define font size
110.60Set the font
to adapt the print layout
70.20.30 – 80Define the text of the column headings "Ordinal number", "Service description", etc.
70.20.130Display titles and title totals normal or bold
for setting the print menu
70.30.90 Always select text positions in the data selection
70.30.110 Display specific warning messages in a notification window

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