Cost accounting devices


Efficient performance control with the Business Cost accounting devices

Based on the data stored in the device calculation as well as the actual data recorded via the post calculation, this module offers the option of comparing calculated TARGET costs with recorded ACTUAL costs promptly and efficiently.

It is possible to compare devices with similar or equivalent performance with regard to the development of their costs, revenues and running times as well as a differentiated consideration of the development of costs and revenues of individual service devices.

The period to be taken into account can be defined within the considerations itself.

In addition, by creating self-defined cost types, it is possible to separate certain device costs from the costs listed as standard and to consider them separately. This enables, for example, a differentiated view of a device with regard to the repair labor costs, the actual consumption or the need for spare parts and can be displayed transparently. The data on costs, revenues and running times of the devices included in the recalculation are incorporated directly and can be mapped through the corresponding evaluation.

Performance characteristics at a glance:

  • Actual comparison of costs, revenues and running times for devices with the same or similar performance
  • Target / actual comparison of costs, revenues and running times of individual devices
  • Comparison of the current calculation of a device with the data of the current year, previous years and / or a period
  • Formation of an average of the current year and previous years
  • Analysis of the devices using self-defined cost types and separate consideration of these costs in the evaluation
  • Consideration of the actual cost structure through stored receipts

Further steps