Finance vendor


The following functions are available for processing the payment transactions of your vendors.

Basic settingsBefore you start payment transactions, make the basic settings for payment transactions for vendors.
Accounts payable sheetPrint out an overview of the invoices entered and the payments made by a supplier.
invoiceRecord supplier invoices.
Incoming invoice listPrint out a list of all recorded supplier invoices.
Prepare paymentPrepare the payment of recorded supplier invoices via clearing, online banking, check or transfer.
Payment listPrint out a list of all prepared payments.
Make a PaymentCarry out data transfer for clearing and online banking or print checks and transfers.
Match paymentCompare the payments made with your bank statement.
Outgoing payment listPrint a list of all reconciled payments.
Accounts payable open listPrint out an overview of all open items from your suppliers.

Overview of accounts payable

For an overview of all recorded invoices and payments from your suppliers, open the menu BUSINESS the selection menu Accounts payable and select the entry Overview of accounts payable.

The program part Overview of accounts payable will be opened.

First, put the Period from which you would like to receive an overview of your payment transactions. Confirm your selection with .

All the invoices and payments recorded by your suppliers are listed in the table.

Further steps