Basic settings


Before you start paying, make the basic settings for the Payment transactions customer .

To do this, open the Address manager in the menu Program data the selection menu Company and select the entry Company data.

The company data is opened. Open the folder in the directory tree Company data / Payment transactions debtors and mark the entry General parameters.

On the right side of the screen take on the tab General parameters make the following settings:

Open item list

In the compilation of the Accounts receivable list all invoices are summarized according to due periods. For example, all invoices that are due in 30 days, all invoices that are due in 60 days and all invoices that are due in 90 days. You will also receive a further list of all invoices with a discount for these periods. Here you specify the periods that will be displayed as a summary at the end of the OP list.

Internal reminder

You can also Days until the internal reminder forgive. This means that the program uses the invoice data to check how old the invoice is and then does not print a reminder, but an internal one warning out. This internal reminder can serve as a reminder that the invoice will either be forwarded to the lawyer or a debt collection agency.

Further steps