Other costs

In the device calculation it is possible to create cost types that should not be included in the default fixed and variable costs. This can include costs for TÜV / AU, insurance, repairs or spare parts. The recording of costs via specially defined cost types makes a separate consideration in the evaluation possible. In doing so, these costs are below Other fixed costs as well as Other var. Costs and shown separately in the device calculation as well as in the device evaluation.

The Other fixed costs or Other var. Costs must first be created as a new cost type in the master data.

Settings in the company data

Select in the menu under Program data> Company data the entry Financial management.

Create a new cost element

New types of costs for the Other fixed costs are exclusively in the folder Device costs material fixed to create!

New types of costs for the Other var. Costs are exclusively in the folder Device costs material variable to create!

In order to create a new cost type in one of the folders listed below, first left-click the respective folder. Click in the menu New to create a new cost type.

You can then assign a unique cost type for the new data record designation be awarded.

click in the menu Save, the creation of the cost element is ended and the description for the cost element is saved.

Settings in the device management

After switching to device management, the new cost type can be activated for the calculation and evaluation of a device.

Store cost type

To do this, the cost type must first be entered in the Other fixed costs or Other var. Costs be deposited.

Left click on Other fixed costs or Other var. Costs opens a window in which the other costs for a device can be stored (see below).

Click in the menu , the selection of a cost type is started in this window. The cost type can now be selected, as shown in the window, and by left-clicking on OK be finally deposited for calculation and evaluation.

Adjustment of the pressure site evaluation

Costs posted to the device construction site (device management) and the warehouse construction site (warehouse management) are included in the post-calculation under construction site evaluation within the prints Construction site costs detail, Construction site costs sums as well as in the Contribution margin list detailed evaluation shown in brackets. In addition, these costs shown in brackets are not included in the overall evaluation of the construction sites or the company, as they are already included in the calculations in the construction site costs.

Further steps