Evaluation of single device


A detailed overview of the annual term, the cost distribution, the revenues and the hourly prices of an individual device can be found in the device management in the data of an individual device on the 'Evaluation' tab.

Creation of the advertisement

On the one hand, the overview offers a short list of device data in the upper area Purchase price, Replacement value, Useful life and depreciationwhich in the tab Device calculation are deposited. On the other hand, there is the possibility of selecting different display options for the lower area of ​​the overview.

Display options:

Number of previous years

Offers the option of showing archived ACTUAL data from several previous years (max. 5 years) as columns in the lower area of ​​the overview for comparison.

IS current year

Activates a column in the lower area that shows the data already recorded for the entire current year.

IS average

Only possible if at least one previous year in Number of previous years is activated! The active column shows the average of the data in the lower area all active Columns titled ACTUAL 'year'.


Activates a column in the lower area that shows the sums of data already recorded within a defined period. The definition of the period is done via the field for recording the period that is displayed when activated.

Overview of the evaluation

Select in the device management select a device and click the tab Evaluation.

In the lower area of ​​the overview is the summary of the evaluation, which can be changed depending on the evaluation parameters mentioned above. It is divided into the columns designation, Unit and Soller as well as the columns that appear depending on the selected parameters IST ('current year'), ACTUAL ('previous year (s)') (if several previous years are selected: consecutive columns), average and Period.

detailed representation can be reached by left-clicking on the preceding -Character. Another left click on undoes the previous step.


The names of the line content are listed in this column.


Indicates the respective unit of the line contents.


Displays the calculated setpoints for the associated device.

IST ('current year')

The data already recorded for the current calendar year is continuously displayed here.

ACTUAL ('previous year (s)')

These columns provide an overview of the device data recorded in previous years for comparison.


Finds an average of the values ​​of the displayed (!) Calendar years.


In the Period column only the period selected in the display options is considered. This has no influence on the average.

Breakdown of costs

With a double click on individual fields in the ACTUAL columns it is possible to get more detailed information about the displayed data and values.

ACTUAL column:

Documents stored in the post calculation can be viewed in the separate display, making the composition of the data and values ​​transparent.

Further steps