Word templates

You can jump out BUSINESS create new Word templates with Microsoft Word, copy and change existing templates.

Create a new Word template

  1. First open the tab in the desired program area (e.g. address manager, project management) Documents.
  2. in the menu Documents click in the group View on Templates.
  3. In the template management, mark the category to which you want to add the template.
  4. As soon as you have the function in the menu Word click, a new template created.
  5. Give a designation and add in the field Features Further information.
  6. Here you have the option of changing the fields Category and Document Type to be submitted so that this Creation of new documents automatically filled with these entries. The selection lists for the Default can be accessed using the buttons [...] to edit.
  7. Save The new template.
  8. To edit the document, click on to open. BUSINESS opens MS Word to edit the document.
  9. Design with fixed text and images as well text modules (see chapter below) your template file.
  10. After editing Save Open the document in the Word menu and close MS Word. The revised document is available in the templates.

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All templates can be accessed via the menu Edit or via the context menu of the right mouse button to open, Duplicate and Delete (see Chapter Features).

Business paper as a background image

With the function Watermark In Microsoft Word you have the option of storing your business stationery as a background image in your Word template.

To the function Watermark To use it, an image file (JPG, BMP, etc.) must be available that depicts your business paper (letterhead, logo, etc.).

  1. Open the Word template by double-clicking or using the context menu with the right mouse button.
  2. By double-clicking in the upper area of ​​the document, you open the area of ​​the header.
  3. Add through the menu Insert add the desired image file.
    • Put the image file behind the text. To do this, select the entry via the context menu with the right mouse button wordwrap and then the entry Behind the text .
    • Move the image file so that it is what you want.
  4. Press Ctrl + A on the keyboard and use it to mark all content.
  5. Do you click in the menu Page layout or Concept on the entry Watermark and then select the entry Save selection in watermark catalog .
  6. The dialogue Create a new block will be opened. Assign an appropriate name and close the dialog with [OK].

All Word documents called up in the construction file that are based on this template are then available to you with the stored business paper.

With the option First page different you can give the first page of your document a different header or footer than the rest of the document.

When closing Microsoft Word, confirm this dialog with Save, otherwise your changes will not be adopted.


Please read here how to add a signature in Microsoft Word and insert it as a quick part for quick access to any document.

Use text building blocks

Text modules are fields that are used in documents in the DATAflor Construction files were created from a Word template, by BUSINESS filled automatically.

The text modules are only available in Word templates that you can use in the DATAflor Create construction file, but not in imported free Word documents.

  1. Place the mouse pointer in the Word document where you want to insert a text module.
  2. Then open the menu Insert the selection menu Quick building blocks and select the entry Feld.
  3. The dialogue Feld will be opened. Highlight in the list Field names the entry DocProperty.
  4. In the list Property all possible text modules are listed.

    All text modules that begin with DF_ are from BUSINESS automatically filled.

  5. Highlight in the list Property the desired text module, e.g. DF_PROJECT and confirm with [OK].
  6. The text module is inserted in the document at the marked position and immediately by BUSINESS automatically filled.

We have prepared an example for you for working with text modules in a sample file. You can do this here download and then into your system import and then duplicate it if necessary.

existing text modules

Depending on the BUSINESS-Program part in which you created the document, the information for filling the text modules is available.

Possible options for the field name DocPropertySignificanceAvailability:
A = addresses, P = project management, Ü = everywhere
DF_REVSTATUSResubmission statusÜ
DF_SACHB_BZOperator signÜ
DF_BZAs before DF_SACHB_BZ (compatibility of old templates)Ü
DF_SACHB_DURCHWHLClerk Tel. ExtensionÜ
DF_SACHB_TELClerk telephone completeÜ
DF_SACHB_HANDYClerk cellphoneÜ
DF_ADDRESSFIELDRecipient addressA, P
DF_FIRSTNAMEFirst name for private recipient addressesA, P
DF_LASTNAMELast name for private recipient addressesA, P
DF_STREETStreet address of the recipientA, P
DF_ORTPlace recipient addressA, P
DF_ZIPPostal code recipient addressA, P
DF_APName of contact personA, P
DF_AP_TELTelephone contact personA, P
DF_AP_FAXFax contact personA, P
DF_AP_MAILMail contact personA, P
DF_AP_HANDYCell phone contact personA, P
DF_CUSTOMERClient (short code)P
DF_NAMEClient (long specification)P
DF_SUPPLEMENT1Client (addition 1)P
DF_PROJECTproject titleP
DF_PROJECT_NOproject titleP
DF_OBJECTObject descriptionP
DF_OBJECT_NOObject numberP
DF_LVLV designationP
DF_LV_NRLV numberP
DF_SELLERSeller of the LV (in the offer phase)P
DF_CONSTRUCTION MANAGERConstruction manager of the LV (in construction phase)P
DF_RESPONSIBLEResponsible for the course (in the construction phase)P
DF_BUSINESS AREABusiness area of ​​the LVP
DF_POSITION_NOPosition numberP
DF_POSITION_BEZPosition designationP
DF_EXECUTION PLACE_STREETStreet including house number of the place of executionP
DF_EXECUTION PLACE_ZIPPost code of the place of executionP
DF_EXECUTION PLACE_SUPPLEMENTAddition of the place of executionP
DF_BAUBEGINN_PLANTplanned start of construction of the construction siteP
DF_COMPLETION_TOagreed completion date of the construction siteP
DF_BAUBEGINN_AMactual start of construction on siteP
DF_BAUENDE_AMactual completion of the construction siteP
DF_LVSUMNet sum of the courseP
DF_LVSUMME_GROSSGross sum of the courseP
DF_BRIEFANREDESalutation correspondenceA

Further steps