Make the creation of new documents easier by using templates. Can be used as a template Word templates, Templates from the catalog of Organizational elements and any other files (simple text files, PowerPoint, Excel and MindMap files etc.) via a Import to be chosen.

This means that you do not have to repeatedly create or enter recurring layouts and texts and the text modules used are automatically filled by the program.


  1. First open the tab in the desired program area (e.g. address manager, project management) Documents.
  2. To open the template management, select in the menu Documents> View> Templates.

    Click the button again Templates closes the template management.

  3. All available templates are listed in groups in the directory tree.


These functions can also be accessed via the menu Documents . call

to openOpens the selected template for editing in the linked application.

Editing within the templates from the organizational elements is sometimes only possible to a limited extent.

DuplicateCreates the selected template as a copy in the same folder. This makes it easier for you to create similar templates.
DeleteDeletes the selected template from the template management.
New Word-TemplateCreates a new Word template.
see Chapter Word templates
From CatalogAdopts the selected organizational element in the template management.
see Chapter Organizational elements
New folderCreates a new folder under the selected tree structure. As soon as you have entered a suitable name, Save The change in the menu Documents> Administration.

Templates can be moved from one folder to another using drag & drop move.

Templates Importthe ierrImports any file as a template into the template management.
see Chapter Import template

To find a specific template in the existing templates, you can use the Filter search for word components.

Further steps