Basic settings


For basic settings of the DATAflor Construction files are as follows Program parameters is available for storage, management and analysis.

Resubmission at start

In the program parameter 40.10 Resubmission at start decide whether on the BUSINESS-Home the set background image or the resubmission of the logged in user is displayed.

Is none License for the module DATAflor Construction file present or no user with access to DATAflor Construction file registered, the set background image is always displayed.

Link the resubmission to Outlook

In the program parameter 130.10.10 Link the resubmission to Outlook decide whether you want to Outlook connection want to work with appointments or tasks in Microsoft Outlook.

Document filing path

In the program parameter 130.10.20 Document filing path the storage path to the documents can be specified.

user groups

In the program parameter 130.10.30 user groups you can assign the users to the defined user groups. This enables joint access to documents, for example when editing documents.


In the program parameter 130.10.40 Encryption you can activate the encryption of the files in your construction file and export encrypted files to an individual storage location. A detailed description of the functions for encrypting the construction file can be found on the Wiki page Encryption of the construction file.


In the program parameters of group 130.20 Defaults the contents of the selection lists Categories, Document types, Shipping methods, Appointment place and Resubmission status add and change. Use the arrows to define the order in which the entries are displayed in the selection lists.

In the column Resubmission status you can have multiple statuses as Done define. If this is the case, you can define the status as Standard should be used when the follow-ups are on Done instead.

Greyed out entries are in use, ie assigned to documents. They cannot be deleted.

Further steps