Create Document


Within the DATAflor You can view most of the in BUSINESS generated File printouts directly and Create documents with other applications, e.g. with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

For storage in the DATAflor Any files can be selected and text, tables, graphics, CAD or photo files can be saved. It is even possible to store databases (Access or other).

When you open the imported document via the right mouse button or via the menu to open, the program uses the set file type to select the software with which the document is opened for editing.

File printouts directly

Most of the in BUSINESS You can save generated printouts as documents in the DATAflor File the building file.

  1. To do this, set the option in the print menu of the respective printout Include in building file aktiv .

    Example: Print menu of the offer

  2. After printing or sending as fax or e-mail, the window Create document open.
    Store the information relevant to the document, including on the classification of the document (document type, category) and, if necessary, on resubmission.
  3. Confirm your entries with [OK].
  4. In the project management, the document becomes the LV, object, project and the client and in the address manager becomes the client address and the address of the user logged on when printing out on the tab Documents displayed.

    Example: Display of the course in the project management

Create a new document

Within the DATAflor You can create construction files with the help of other applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel).

  1. First open the desired program area (eg address manager, project management) and mark the entry in the directory tree for which you want to create a new document.
  2. Then open the tab Documents and click in the menu New.
  3. Select in the dialog Create document Vorlage with any file type.

    The Template management Numerous functions are available to you, e.g. creating new templates, importing existing templates, managing templates in categories, etc.

    The templates can be saved in a Favorites-Compile list. To do this, right-click on a template and Add to Favorites. The favorites are always displayed at the top of the tree and are therefore quickly accessible.

  4. Store on the tabs Documents and Details the necessary information about the document (see Document information).
  5. Click on [OK] the document is opened for editing. The appropriate software for editing is recognized based on the file type used.

    Exception is the file extension here *.MEMO. With this you create a document in the construction file without creating a file. These documents only contain document information.

  6. A generated document is opened from this template. Make changes or additions to the document if necessary.
  7. After the Save of the document, the document becomes the LV, object, project and the client in the project management and becomes the client address in the address manager and the address of the user logged on when printing out on the tab Documents displayed.

Create mail merge

If you want to send a Word document to several recipients at the same time, you can use the function Mail merge use. With the standard Word template Serial letter dot a simple form letter can be created quickly in the address manager.

With the module DATAflor You can also use your own Word templates for serial letters and save the cover and bottom sheet as well as the serial letter to the recipients.

A detailed description of the function Mail merge can be found in the chapter Address Manager> Print> Form letter in Word.

Further steps