Basic settings

You activate the access right and thus the editing function for the construction site manager for every employee in Address manager.

Employees without access rights can generally see the plans, but cannot edit them. In the rights management (see chapter below) you specify which content these employees are allowed to see.

Access rights per user

Open the tab on the employee's address Details. Here click on the tab User and open the selection access rights via the green plus symbol. Activate the option Construction site manager.

If you have a license for Construction Site Manager Pro, you can choose between BESS and Easy choose. Put the entry on BESSin order to be able to use the full scope of the program.

Start now BUSINESS new and register this user. The functions of the construction site manager are then available to you.

Rights control

The User administration you can use the rights control to specify which content your employees who do not have access rights are allowed to see.

You have the rights for the construction site manager Construction sites with Details see and Construction sites without Details see is available for storage, management and analysis.

If the checkmark is set for an entry, own Employees of the selected groups this right.

Further steps