In the disposition program part you expand your Daily schedule.

  • For a daily plan, select individual positions on the construction site and define the planned quantities for each position. The comparison of the daily working hours entered and the calculated planned time support you in planning.
  • You can also put together a freight list for the specified planned quantities.

The disposition and loading list are on the printout daily planning also printed, which is used by the column to carry out work.

Program call

To open the disposition, mark a construction site of the column in the daily planning and click on .

The program part Disposal will be opened.

Set daily working hours

In the upper part of the window, the information on the client, project, object, LV, column, employee and the date for which the daily plan is created are displayed.

Now define the start and end of work and the length of the breaks. Alternatively, enter the duration of the daily working hours. The program calculates the total available working time for this day based on the assigned number of employees.

Save your entries by clicking on in the menu.

Assign / remove positions

Define which positions on the construction site the column will work on that day.

Assign positions

click on in the menu.

Choose which items and confirm by clicking on in the toolbar.

The selected positions are shown on the tab Disposal displayed as a table.

Remove positions

Mark the position by clicking in the first column of the table. To mark several positions, use Ctrl and Shift. Then click on in the menu.

The positions are removed from the table and are available for transferring again.

Define planned quantities

In the Planned Quantity column, you can specify the quantity for the items that the column will process on this day.

In the column Actual quantities you see the quantities that have already been processed for the item. In the selection field Actual quantity select whether the actual quantities from the quantity approach, a quantity statement or a quantity statement summary are used.

You can also determine the planned quantities by specifying the planned time for the item.

Plan time

In the column Target time / ME the time base for each position is derived from the Preliminary calculation shown in hours.

The program calculates the planned time from the planned amount and the time from the Preliminary calculation.

The planned time of all positions results in the total planned time.

If the planned time exceeds the available time, the field is displayed in red. If necessary, adjust the planned quantities or add more to your column Employees added.

Determine plan quantities

In the column Plan time you can define a time for the positions that the column will spend on this day. Based on Target time / ME it becomes the possible Plan amount calculated.

You can also mark a position and F5 to press. Based on the free planning time and the Target time / ME becomes possible for the position Plan amount determined and automatically completes the line.

First use the function for the items that the column will definitely process Define planned quantities and then determine the quantities for the remaining items for which the column still has time.

Loading list

The program creates a loading list from the planned quantities of the assigned items in the daily plan. Open the tab Loading list.

  • All material articles and plants that have been precalculated for the assigned positions are listed.
  • In the column Total VK the total amount of the precalculated material of all positions in the LV is displayed. The Target amount is calculated according to the planned quantities of the planned items.
  • In the column Plan amount the target quantity is initially pre-assigned. However, you can specify a different amount of the material or the plant that the column will take to the construction site on this day.

To add additional items to the loading list, click in the menu Material or Plant.

The material or plant management is opened. Select the desired material item or the plant and click on in the menu .

The material item or the plant is added to the loading list. Set a plan amount.

Further steps