Set up address manager

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The following user rights are available for the address manager:

Rights Administrator Main user User
Right group: addresses
Create addresses X X X
Import addresses X
Delete addresses X
Manage Addresses X
Edit client / contractor X X X
Multiple machining X X
Edit employee / user X

Create addresses

Addresses can only be used by users with the user right Create addresses be recorded.

Import addresses

Addresses can be imported individually or collectively from CSV and TXT files, and existing addresses can be updated with new data. The function is for users with user rights Import addresses available.

Delete addresses

Registered addresses can only be used by users with the user right Delete addresses to be deleted.

Manage Addresses

An address consists of numerous data fields. Each data field can be individually defined as a mandatory field. If the corresponding fields are not filled, it is not possible to save the address. Only users with the user right Manage Addresses can define fields as mandatory fields.

User with the user right Manage Addresses You can also define the defaults for the input masks (including customer no. and vendor no.), compile the lists that are used in selection fields (e.g. inquiry status, target group) and define the identifiers that can be assigned to the addresses.

Addresses are differentiated according to client, contractor and employee. Several of these properties can be assigned to one address. Depending on the assigned property, additional data fields are available, e.g. customer no. for ordering party, creditor no. for contractors and personal data for employees. To ensure the correctness and order in the master data, especially for financial accounting, the properties for client and contractor can only be assigned and removed and edited customer and vendor data that have the user right Manage Addresses or the user right Edit client / contractor have.

Edit client / contractor

Users with this right can use the properties of an address Clients and contractor assign or remove and edit the debtor data of buyers and creditors data of contractors.

When the properties for the client and contractor are assigned, a debtor no. or creditor no. pre-assigned from an individually defined number range. This number range can only be preset by users with the user right Manage Addresses be determined.

Multiple machining

In the program area Multiple machining selected data can be conveniently changed for several addresses at the same time. These functions can be carried out by the users who have the user right Multiple machining were authorized.

Edit employee / user

To protect sensitive personal data (including wage and vacation data), an address can have the property Employees assigned or removed by users with this user right. In addition, these users can display and edit the personnel and user data in the address manager.