Billing with quantities from the quantity certificate


You can see the quantities of services performed that you have recorded in a quantity statement in Invoice printing use to calculate the invoice amount.

The selection of a quantity certificate is explained below. Similarly, you can use a Quantity proof summary Select to settle the quantities of the services provided in the summarized quantity statements.

The quantity lines of the invoiced quantities can optionally be printed on the invoice as evidence.


  • When printing the invoice, select on the Settings tab in The Field Quantities from the entry Mass list.
  • Another selection box is displayed in which you can click on select the quantity certificate whose quantities you would like to use to calculate the invoice amount.

  • On Item selection tab all items for which there are no quantities in the selected quantity list are grayed out.
  • The items with recorded quantities are selected by default and can optionally be deselected.
  • In the column Amounts) the quantities from the quantity certificate in the column amount the correspondingly calculated total amounts and the invoice amount are displayed at the bottom of the table.

Print proof

Activate on the Settings tab the option Print proof, on the invoice between the service text and the quantities / EP / GP line, the calculation methods from the individual Quantity lines printed out.

Example expression:

Further steps