An e-bill is a data record structured according to precise specifications that is created, transmitted and received in an electronic format. In addition, automatic further processing of the data record must be possible. The content and format of the data set for e-bills have been standardized across Europe (European standard EN 16931).


The format ZUGFeRD is a hybrid format for e-bills in which a human-readable PDF is created in addition to the XML file.

  • ZUGFeRD 2.1.1 is compatible in the XML part with X-invoice (corresponds to EN 16931)
  • ZUGFeRD 2.1.1 is the output format BUSINESS 2021 (as a complete PDF in the output type ZUGFeRD, or as an XML attachment in the output type X-invoice)
  • ZUGFeRD 2.1 is not upwards or downwards compatible with 2.1.1 - this edition is supported by BUSINESS unsupported
  • ZUGFeRD 1.0 is not upwards or downwards compatible with 2.1.1 - this edition is supported by BUSINESS unsupported


The X-Invoice format is exclusively structured data in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) language.
Within the BUSINESS Output type X-invoice is an XML file and offered for dispatch by e-mail.

Get Tickets here! you will find the field names for the mandatory fields used in the X invoice. If your client requires certain fields, you can add the corresponding fields in the PDF BUSINESS comprehend.

E-bills and VAT changes with ongoing advance invoice chains

The e-billing schemes of both file formats do not currently allow a VAT change with ongoing advance invoice chains. In this case, the responsible coordination office of the FEDERAL FEDERATION requires an amendment to the European standard 16931-1: 2017 for the German e-bill.

Until this has been implemented, such invoice matters must continue to be transmitted as PDF.
https://www.xoev.de/xrechnung/betrieb_und_support/faq-17664#STRHR - How should a change in the sales tax rate be dealt with within a billing period, e.g. in the case of a final invoice?

Please discuss how you can proceed here with your respective client.


To create e-bills, you need to use the BUSINESS certain settings (e.g. the routing ID, IBAN and the UST ID) as Requirements make. On this page we explain the mandatory information and the information that only certain clients require.

Create e-bill

To create an e-bill, the type of issue must be in Print management be changed. The ZUGFeRD and X-invoice formats are currently available there. They only differ in that with the output type ZUGFeRD, in addition to the XML file, a PDF is attached to the email created. This PDF then contains the XML part as an attachment. The service period is also integrated into this and handed over. With e-bill you can also use the form settings (short list, long text only, etc.) for the item text.

Both output types generate a PDF for the construction file. With the X-invoice, the XML file is also stored in the construction file in addition to the PDF.

Issue of e-bill

The templates and automatisms of the new Print management be used.

Issuing a sample is not recommended for e-bills, as this affects the requirements for creating an e-bill. For example, no invoice number is generated. For the invoice verification, the output as a PDF sample is recommended.


You can add file attachments to your e-bill when it is issued. These are inserted directly via the print settings when printing the invoice for the output type X-invoice. The file attachments are written directly into the XML file. The formats JPG, PNG and PDF are supported and several files can be attached. Please note the size specifications for XML files provided by your client. Attachments to a ZUGFeRD e-invoice must be attached to the e-mail.

Repeat printing / output

After creating the e-invoice, regardless of the type of issue, you can print this invoice again using the construction site account. Both the PDF and the XML file (X calculation) are available to you. With the right mouse button you reach the repeat print.

Special features with different clients

Clients Portal Size Transmission path E-mail format Route ID
X-invoice Portal, email without subject, attachments that do not contain any invoice data will be deleted
Recipient email: xrechnung@portal.bund.de
Sender: Mail address that is stored in the portal
starts with 991
Federal Chancellery: 991-01014-19
Bundesbank ERO X-invoicePortal, email Order number (BBK-xxxxxxxx-x) in the field order number Route ID: 991-80008-08
Clients subordinate to the federal government (some federal states, VBL, institutes, etc.) OZG-RE²
X-invoice Portal, email Recipient email: individual e-mail address of the contractor (will be created during portal registration)
Sender: any email
Mail not greater than 15 MB
are communicated by the client
e.g. 14-0201004CCV01-15
VBL OZG RE X-invoicePortal, email Invoice recipient = VBL Route ID: 992-80135-36
Federal Printing Office
Service provider for various institutions
e.g. Techniker Krankenkasse
X-invoice Portal, email If necessary, send classic PDF invoices directly to Bundesdruckerei for conversion wwww.bundesdruckerrei.de
Special feature technician:
Name (field BT-56): Please only enter your known Org-ID here.
(will be clarified on our part
Route ID:
Technician: 993-80116-17
Deutsche Bahn
Info: http://www.deutschebahn.com/rechnungsstellung
- X-invoice E-mail The sender's email address must be reachable (no noreply), without subject, without text, not greater than 50 MB, one attachment per e-mail, unencrypted and not digitally signed
Recipient email: e-invoicing@deutschebahn.de
Receiver for test invoices:
Sender: any email address
DB leaflet
Sample order DB
for all recipients:
State of Bremen and its authorities and companies (e.g. port) zErika
E-bill Bremen
X-invoice Portal, email so far no information e.g. 04011000-1234512345-06
State of Baden-Württemberg
Service Portal BW
E-bill BW
Portal, email Upload to portal (no user account required)
or email to
Route ID
federal agency for Real Estate tasks
X-invoicePortal, emailAttachments must be embedded in XML; File size of 10 MB with email attachments or 11 MB for attachments in the web versionRoute ID: 991-80032-33
Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
X-invoicePortal, e-mail, DE-mail (in future), web version, Peppol10 megabytes for e-mail and De-Mail, 11 megabytes for web entry and 15 megabytes for uploadnot transmitted

¹ Central federal invoice receipt platform (ZRE)
² Online access law-compliant invoice receipt platform (OZG-RE)

Here is an overview of which federal state uses which platform: https://www.bonpago.de/xrechnung.html

Further steps